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How to Adopt a Pet from PAWS


All meet and greets AND adoptions are by appointment only until further notice. We are absolutely unable to accommodate any walk-in's at the time. 


Due to the COVID-19 virus, PAWS is currently conducting all adoptions by appointment. While we are not open to the general public for visitors, we are committed to continuing our adoption services and finding our animals loving homes.  We thank you for your understanding and patience. 

**  The adoption process will be different during our closure. **

  • We ask that you view adoptable CATS or DOGS on our website. These pages are updated every night with new animals as we continue to ready pets for adoption.

  • If you see an animal you would like to meet and learn more about adopting, please complete our online application form. 

    • Please note that submitting the application does not guarantee or hold any animal. ​

  • Once your form is received, we will review your request and call your references.

    • We will call for a Veterinarian reference for everyone and a landlord reference if you rent your home​

    • If you currently have a dog, we will also confirm that your dog is registered to your town of residence ** Maine residents only. 

  • Once all reference checks have been completed a member of our team will contact you to talk more about your interest and to see if the animal is a good fit for your home. We will tell you more about the animal you are interested in and answer any questions also.

  • If it is a good match, we will then set up a time for you to come to the shelter to finalize the adoption process.

Please note that we are not able to process adoption inquiries for special types/breed/age of animals.  


  • We require that you bring all current family dogs to PAWS to do a meet and greet with the dog you are interested in adopting to ensure everyone gets along.

  • Additionally, all dogs have a 3-day sleepover period to make sure that the animal fits into the family lifestyle. The dog can be returned any time within the 3-day period if there the fit is not right for your home. 

  • If all goes well, adoption paperwork will be completed at the end of the 3-day period. 



By Appointment Only 

  • You must be 18 years of age to adopt an animal

  • If you rent your home we will contact your landlord to confirm that dogs/cats are allowed.

  • If you have any other animals currently living in your home we will also contact your veterinarian to ensure they are all up to date on their vaccinations.

  • All current dogs must be licensed in your town of residence

Military Discount:

We offer a 25% discount of adoption fees to all military veterans who adopt from PAWS

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