The Angel Fund

Donate Your Redeemable Bottles & Cans to Support The Angel Fund

The Angel Fund was established several years ago as a way for P.A.W.S. to give back to the community is some small, but very important way.

As we continue to grow we are seeing an increase in the number of requests for assistance for emergency veterinary care. The Angel Fund is available to residents of the towns that we contract with (Belfast, Camden, Islesboro, Liberty, Lincolnville, Northport, Rockport, Searsmont and Swanville) for emergency veterinary care for their pets. The amount of assistance is determined on a case-by-case basis depending on the fund balance and the nature of the care. Unfortunately there are not always funds available.

Beginning in 2012 we will dedicate 100% of the revenue received from the redemption of cans and bottles to the Angel Fund. You can help support this program by doing any of the following:

  • Take your returnables to Coastal Redemption Center in Camden and ask them to send your refund to P.A.W.S.
  • Stop by the shelter and pick up a specially coded CLYNK bag. Fill it with your returnables and take it to a participating Hannaford. Simply scan the barcode on the bag and drop it down the chute. (At this time Camden Hannaford does not participate in the CLYNK program. We hope this changes soon! In the meanwhile you can take them to Belfast, Rockland or Damariscotta.) You can also fill up your CLYNK bags and leave them here at the shelter and one of our volunteers will take care of them.
  • Bag up your returnables in large, plastic garbage bags and drop them off at the shelter at 146 Camden Street in Rockport.
  • Take your returnables to the redemption center of your choice and send us the proceeds. Please make sure and let us know that it is designated for the Angel Fund.

Thank you!