Forever Home

Forever Home Capital Campaign

“Why are they here?” It’s the most common question people ask about the animals at the P.A.W.S. Animal Adoption Center and at other animal rescue organizations across the country. The answers often vary from sad, to tragic, to disturbing. However, the common bond between every dog and cat at the adoption center is that they are loving and trusting creatures who need someone to love them back and to care for them. We are their stewards until that safe, permanent home can be found.

Now, you have the opportunity to help connect loving humans with loving pets. These connections are as important and beneficial to the humans who adopt as to the animals that are adopted. Your support penetrates deep into the community and enriches lives.

Your gift is a high-impact philanthropic investment, with community wide benefit and a solid organizational asset. With your financial support, we have an outstanding opportunity to lead the way in animal adoption and welfare in Maine by providing services for more of our community members, safeguard the concept of humane animal treatment, and help to stamp out the disturbing “animal mill” practice.

Your generosity will help lead the way to a kind and compassionate adoption process for hundreds of families by providing a clean, comfortable and safe environment and a place where pets and humans can come together to find each other.

Please make your gift today. Today’s opportunity is the result of a series of events that have brought us to the most opportune moment. Help transform our important and humane mission into a community centerpiece and secure a long-lasting future.

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