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Join in on the act of kindness that started it all - become a Finnegan's Friends Monthly Giving Member and you can keep the kindness going now and into the future. 

It all started in 1974, when a midcoast Maine resident found a stray dog in his neighborhood. He decided to take him in and named him Finnegan. From there it was history. More and more homeless animals turned up in need of homes and the gentleman enlisted the help of his friends. Soon, Camden-Rockport Animal Rescue League (now PAWS Animal Adoption Center) was formed and Finnegan's legacy would go on to inspire the saving of thousands of lives. 

Since, then PAWS Animal Adoption Center has expanded its services to include an in-house medical clinic, low-cost, spay-neuter and vaccination clinics, a community dog park, a pet food pantry, and so much more. When you become a Finnegan's Friend, you regular monthly gift allows us to spend less time fundraising and more time saving lives. 

Why Donate Monthly? 

Monthly donations provide a steady and predictable source of funding that allows PAWS to plan ahead. It also has a much lower administrative cost compared to other forms of fundraising, which means our animal shelter can do more. With your monthly gift, we will be able to provide care to even more animals every month!

Become a monthly donor and you will enjoy: 

     - Convenient and hassle-free monthly donations

     - The ability to budget your giving

     - Automatic payment from your credit or debit card

     - An annual giving statement to assist in tax preparation

     - Limited mailings

     - The option to change or suspend your donation at any time

     - Turn your values into action

Best of all, you will know that you are helping local animals in need all year long. 

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