Forever Home Campaign at a Glance

The “Forever Home” campaign is cost-efficient and animal-focused with a goal of $1.1 million to refit a 15-year old former emergency ambulance building for half of the cost of new construction in the original 2012 design. We are maximizing material reuse and minimizing new construction elements to stretch your philanthropic dollars for the future. The new “Forever Home” will feature programs and services that include:

  • Accommodations for 76 cats and 16 dogs in separate wings
  • Space and services to grow annual adoption numbers by more than 25%
  • Separate intake and isolation facilities to minimize risk of spreading infections
  • New HVAC system to reduce airborne illness
  • Meet and greet spaces where prospective adopters and pets can get acquainted
  • Expanded storage, laboratory and meal preparation space
  • Volunteer office and new volunteer training opportunities with SNAP and ASPIRE clients
  • Emergency planning with Knox County Animal Rescue Team and FEMA thanks to the region’s only emergency back-up generator to aid residents and their pets in natural disasters
  • Community meeting space to house pet food pantry, workshops, community education programs and family events

We’re almost two-thirds of the way there but our work isn’t finished until every bill is paid. Become a partner and help save many more animals in Midcoast Maine.