Forever Home Stories

Annika is very loved!

Sunday, May 15, 2016


I thought I'd let you know that Annika is doing great! She has arranged a truce with my dogs, she often lies down beside them on the couch and goes to sleep. Sometimes she'll chase the dogs out of her area of the house, it's funny to watch, she's got quite the personality. At other times the dogs will chase her, but I think sometimes she instigates the chases.

She's also a great lap cat, she loves to curl up in my lap, sometimes my lap turns into a play area. It has become very clear to me that while at PAWS, she was treated with nothing but love. Annika is one of the sweetest, most affectionate cats I've ever met, and I have no doubt it's due to the tremendous amount of love she received while at PAWS.

My only remaining problem is that my other cat is not fond of the new interloper, she's really jealous, lots of hissing and puffing up. I hope things change in this area, but other than this, things are going well.

Best wishes, Jim

You folks do an outstanding job. Thank you!


Senior boy Mowgli found loving home

Sunday, March 13, 2016

A year ago, I went into PAWS looking for a puppy! But as soon as I laid eyes on Mowgli, I knew I had to meet him!He came out to meet me with his bouncy swagger and was happy as could be! I instantly fell in love with him and his sweet personality!He fits right in with our family, and we have affectionately nicknamed him Bam Bam!!! He's forever wiping everything out on the coffee table, has lots to say, all the time and gets along well with his one brother and two sisters!He is very persistent about getting his milk bone after he comes back in from outside! He loves to lounge around on his comfy feather bed and always wants to be close to us!We couldn't' imagine life without Mowgli! He has given us so much love and laughter!!! We are very happy to give him all the love he deserves in his senior years!!!And thank you to all of you at PAWS for all you do for these precious animals! From the Porter's, Mowgli, Brody, Bella, Gabby and Fred and Jeanne!

Secret found a home after waiting for 10 years

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Secret is definitely getting more comfortable here at her new home. She has spent the last hour or so curled up on my chest & stomach & over my right arm. I've been using my laptop, and every once in awhile she'll give it a glance, but then goes right back to purring and kneading. We need to work on the "no kneading me with claws" thing. (ouch!) She has also been licking my hands, and rubbing her face on me, both good signs.

She's eating & drinking well (canned food with extra water, and a circulating-water bowl) and using the litter box with no problem (I discovered silica-gel litter...NO litterbox smell, hallelujah!!! ) She played with a couple of toys for about two minutes today, but was more interested in exploring the house. She doesn't bolt when she sees me walk in her direction. I'm very pleased with her progress

Tracy Barley


Leroy found a happy home after 160 days!

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Leroy has, in just the past week, fit in with us better than we could have ever expected. Both Janelle and I had been discussing getting a dog for quite some time. We knew we wanted to adopt, and Janelle was very familiar with P.A.W.S so, far before we were ready we already knew that we'd be adopting, and that we most likely would be from P.A.W.S. Janelle works at The Loyal Biscuit in Camden and had seen Diane bring Leroy in on a few occasions and always remarked to me when she got home as to how good a dog he seemed like, and that it was odd, and sad, that he hadn't found a home. Well, before too long the time came that we were ready to adopt. Leroy also happened to still be available so we made room in our schedules and decided it would be best to take him on a foster for the weekend. That short weekend has since turned into a week. A week that included, among so many other unforgettable moments, the finalizing of his adoption. We couldn't be any happier with any other dog, and truly feel we were meant to find him, and him us. Thank you, and everyone else at P.A.W.S. for caring for him as long as you did.


Ethan & Janelle.

Update on Curly aka Shyla Girl‏

Friday, July 24, 2015

After approximately 4 months, Shyla now lets me pet her and even seeks me
out to be petted. Still limited on the picking up. But when company comes,
Shyla is right there to see what is going on. Mellow Yellow, the lap cat,



Smoke has come out of his shell

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Smoke is doing really well. He is no longer as scared of everything, only some things. He only goes under the bed for deep sleeps or when he is startled, our lounger chairs have become his favorite nap time spots. The first few weeks we had him, he would not sit in the window sill by himself but now he sleeps in his bed there and we have lots of bird feeders so he is active all day watching the activity outside and chatters to them when hes excited! He has also learned to go to the upstairs front window to watch us leave for work in the morning and watches us get ready from his catwalk we had installed for Hugo. He has really come out of his shell and talks back to us often; he was a perfect fit for us. We love him so much.

Yogi and Krishna

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Now Yogi and Krishna can stay together. They love our bed! They got a bath when they got home, found a large mirror and LOVED looking at themselves! Then after some research of the house, found our bed and called it their own. What will keep me up more? Krishna's purring, or my husband's snoring? I have noticed that as it mentioned in the posting that they love to play in the water. Yogi always seems to have to "wash" his paws after using the litter box. LOL! So cute! We even have a towel for him.

Simon has a soft spot for the new kitten

Tuesday, January 13, 2015
I adopted a kitten, Simon, from P.A.W.S. in July of 2013. I just wanted to let everyone there know that he's a big, healthy, wonderful cat now, and we love having him around! He's a very independent guy and has never been particularly cuddly with people, but as it turns out, he has a soft spot for the new kitten we just took in. I've included a picture of Simon (the black cat) taking a nap with Tattie, the new kitten. 

Thank you so much for this lovable cat! We feel very lucky to have him, and I just wanted to let you know that he's doing really well.

Take a Chance on Love

Friday, October 17, 2014

Our P.A.W.S. charge, Miss Frieda Mae, who refused other suitors for 5 months at PAWS until we came along and fell in love with her. She is the most wonderful companion and we are so happy we took the chance with her. She wouldn't let us touch her for two days and didn't wag her tail for a week. Now she can't stop wiggling with joy all the time. Here she is enjoying our last boating outing of the season last week. Take my advice...take a chance on a rescue animal. Sometimes they just need to rest for a few days when you take them home to get back to "normal."

Update on Cleo

Tuesday, June 17, 2014
Beemja the cat

About a month ago my boyfriend (Sam) and I (Hayley) adopted this adorable black ball of fluff and we (and she) couldn’t be more happy. We started calling her Beemja or “Beemie” and she responds with little mews every time we say her name. She gets along amazingly with our other fluff ball, Batman. Batman is only 10 months old and weighs 5 pounds, but Beemja being 15 pounds has no problem sitting on top of him! She is so funny and quirky and we hope that all the weight she gained by being in the shelter will slowly disappear by having been adopted into our forever loving home.

Her favorite activities include: Sitting on our other cat, staring out of the window for bugs, sleeping on her back to look like a bunny, talking very loudly all around the house…

And her above all most favorite activity, is staring at herself in the mirror. She sleeps and sits in front of the mirror daily, as you can tell. :)

Thank you so much for allowing us to come in and bring this loving little girl home. She has been nothing but a blessing.