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Fospice Program

Often, the animals in need of Fospice care spend their last few days, months, or years waiting for a home that never comes. The benefits of the Fospice Program for these animals in terms of comfort, stress reduction, and happiness is immeasurable.


Moreover, the overwhelming majority of people who provide fospice care benefit as well – simply because they realize the importance of the gift in which they are giving to these dogs and cats.

Obviously, these pets do not know that their time is limited – but what they do know is that they are happy every day that they are with you in your loving home.


Please consider selecting an animal from our Fospice Program. Your short-term commitment will not only enrich the life of a deserving animal, but will also enrich your life, too.

Requirements to be a Fospice parent:

  • You must be at least 25 years of age.

  • You must be able drive a car and be willing to transport the animal in case of an emergency either to a designated vet or back to the shelter.

  • You must provide basic supplies such as food, cat litter and treats for the animal.

  • You must be able to spend quality time with the animal.

  • Your home environment should fit the needs of the animal.


What the shelter will provide:

The shelter will provide medication, medical supplies, prescription food if necessary, and arrange & pay for vet visits.

As a fospice parent, your role is to provide a quiet, loving environment for your pet’s final days. Volunteers are not the legal guardian of the animal, so it is ultimately up to PAWS to decide when it is time to say “goodbye.” This will be determined based on the animal’s quality of life in conjunction with the opinion of a veterinarian.

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