meet our adoptable felines

PLEASE NOTE: Our available animals change from day to day so check back often or call the shelter to ask about our most current adoptable animals. Not all animals are housed at our facility in Camden, please call us in advance if you would like to meet an animal that is on foster. 

Cookie is so sweet! When he first came in he was more feral than friendly! Now he just wants attention and to give head bumps. 

Male 1 year 7 months


Marvel has been here for far too long. She is scared and so she gets overlooked. She is sweet but will need to go to a quiet home where she can finally relax and begin to trust!

Female 5 years old


Stormy is the sweetest kitty! She wants a home where she can snuggle up to someone and get all the love that she wants.

Female 9 years old


Bella is a sweet and petite bobtail kitty. She loves attention and is very playful!

Female 1 year 3 months old


Kenny is super chill. He just wants a home to be a lazy house cat in. He likes to lounge and nap and get pats!

Male 4.5 years old


Sweet Lobster Roll has been here for too long. She hides in her room so she does not get seen a lot! She is a shy cat but with time she will learn to trust and make a great house cat in a quiet home!

Female 2.5 years old

Lobster Roll

Bean is a cool cat. She is sassy and wants love when she wants it but will let you know when she is done! She does like her independence at times! She would be fine with other cats or by herself.  

Female 6.5 years old


Tarzan can be shy but does not take long to warm up to someone. Give him a chance show you that he would make a great companion!

Male 1.5 years old


Dolly is a cool cat. Look at her double paws! She came to PAWS pregnant and had a litter of kittens that also all had double paws! All her babies got homes now its her turn!

Female 2.5 years old


Paws is a PAWS favorite. He has all double paws and has the best personality. He is very playful and is fine with dogs. He needs a forever home!

Male 5.5 years old


Mystery is a working cat and would do well in a barn catching mice for you! Bonus: she is really pretty!

Female 3.5 years old


Louisa is a working cat and would do well in a barn catching mice for you! 

Female 4.5 years old


Marigold is a sweet girl who just wants a lap to lay on. She would prefer a quiet house.

Female  5.5 years old


Miranda is a boss cat. She likes love when she wants it and will let you know when she does not. She could care less about dogs, she would likely stare at them till they were uncomfortable and they leave her alone. She is not the biggest fan of other cats but leaves them alone if they are around her. She has been at PAWS for far too long and would love her own home!

Female 14 years old


This nervous kitten came to us as a stray. She is young so will likely grow out of her shy ways. She just needs time to trust a new family!

Female 4 months old


Rowling came to us with a litter of kittens. She was a great momma but is still not very trusting of humans. She needs someone to take the time to prove to her that people are not scary!

Female 1.5 years old


Betsy Ross is sweet but shy! Give her time and she will surely warm up to you! 

Female 3.5 years old

Betsy Ross

Sweet but shy! Give her time because this sweet girl deserves a forever home!

Female 3 Years old


Sweet boy! He  loves other cats, especially Cookie!

Male 7 Months old


This pretty girl came in as a stray with a litter of kittens. She was a great mamma to her babies that all found homes. Now it it her time to get a home of her own! She is sweet and loves attention! 

Female 2 years 4 months old


Chanel has a great personality. She came to us all the way from Florida! She is ready for her own home here in Maine!

Female 2 years 2 months


This gentle kitty is beautiful! She has a real nice personality and would make a great family pet!

Female 1 year 7 months old


Tinkerbell is a bit shy! But like other shy cats just needs someone to show her that they can be trusted. She will make a great house cat!

Female 2 years old


This girl is so pretty! She can be super sweet but can also be a little sassy! 

Female 1 year 7 months old


Very sweet girl! She likes to sit up high and watch people but does also like attention!

Female 3 years old


Hammond came to PAWS with his litter mates. He was found at Hammond Lumber and was terrified of people! He has come a long way and is finally coming out of his shell and becoming friendly and sociable 

Male 6 months old


Ringo is a PAWS favorite. He was so scared when he came in but after a few months came out of his shell and has become one of the friendliest cats here. He is FIV+ so will either need to be the only cat in the home or be with other FIV+ cats. 

Male 2.5 years old FIV+


Jax is very nervous around people. He is FIV+ and would do well in a very quiet home. He has the softest fur! 

Male 7 years old FIV+


Vance is a very sweet boy. He is FIV+ so will need to be either the only cat in the home or with another FIV+ cat.

Male 2 years old FIV+


Opal is a sweet bobtail kitty. She loves attention but wants all the attention so would do best in a home with no other cats.

Female 2 years old


Jazzy is super cool. She came to us from Florida.  She does need to be the only cat in the house though! 

Female 3 years


Sputnik is a working cat and would do well in a barn catching mice for you! 

Male 1 year 3 months old


Roseanne is a working cat and would do great in a barn catching mice for you!

Female 2.5 years old


This guy is awesome! He can be a little demanding for attention at times but is one of the most friendliest cats here at PAWS!

Male 3.5 years old


Violet is a senior who is still a bit nervous of people. She needs someone who will give her some time to adjust and let her retire in peace!

Female 10 years old


Jimmothy is awesome! He has the biggest cutest  cheeks. He may look like a grumpy old man but he is so sweet and loves attention! This boy deserves a great home of his own!

Male 7 years


Primo is a handsome boy. He is nervous and does not trust people so he needs someone to give him the time he needs to feel safe! 

Male 4 years old