Dog Training Classes All class fees go to support P.A.W.S.!

Doggie Skills Classes

Bond with your dog while learning the training foundations together!

This class teaches the foundation skills that will help you and your dog live together in harmony!

In this class your dog will learn the training basics, good manners and some other fun skills too! 


Also covered is loose leash walking and what to do if your dog jumps up.  



  • Open to all dogs. Registration preference given to dogs adopted from any animal shelter or rescue organization

  • Proof of rabies and distemper vaccinations or titer required

  • No aggressive dogs are allowed in this class

Stay tuned for 2020 class dates!



Positive Reinforcement



Brandi Moore

Brandi has been training dogs at P.A.W.S for two years. She’s worked with over a hundred shelter dogs, with various training and behavioral challenges, during that time. She became the shelter’s official resident trainer in January of 2018.


Brandi has been training dogs with positive reinforcement training techniques for twenty-two years. She has successfully competed in Rally obedience, earning multiple titles with her Sheltie, McLeod. She has trained and competed in Canine Agility for nine years, earning twelve championships and numerous titles with her three Shelties, McLeod, Bonnie and Mac, and her Border Collie, McKenzie.


Brandi’s training goals are to create a trusting bond between you and your dog, while learning together using positive reinforcement techniques, all while having lots of fun!


We are pleased to have Brandi share her passion and experience as our P.A.W.S Resident Trainer!