A $10,000 Chance for a Second Chance

We received a challenge from one of our donors this past week. The challenge came with one stipulation; that the donor will match up to $5,000 of whatever our shelter can raise in the community for our Second Chance Fund.

If successful, it would mean $10,000 for our Second Chance Fund, which provides life-saving medical care to cats and dogs who enter the shelter in need of a second chance.

PAWS often takes in displaced animals requiring emergency care, dental work, surgery, and other medical needs. The addition of a medical suite in 2018 has made it possible for PAWS to provide prompt medical care to animals on-site.

In the case of Ash the cat, it made all the difference.

Ash was the victim of a hit and run, brought to PAWS by a concerned passerby. He arrived at the shelter with a weak pulse, barely hanging on. He was rain-soaked and so cold that he didn't register a temperature. His ears and paws were frostbitten, his leg was shattered, and his head was swollen. The PAWS medical team immediately got to work.

A month later, while much of the outside world was shutting down due to COVID-19, Ash was a fighter on the mend. He had to have one leg and half of his tail amputated, but his head, eyes, and paws survived their trauma.

Thanks to the generous donors who support the shelter's Second Chance Fund, Ash got his second chance. He fully recovered and was adopted into a loving home.